The US space shuttle program is winding down, and being a great procrastinator I’ve waited until the last remaining launches to finally go see one.  So I picked STS-127 to try to view a launch.  The first scheduled launch was just before dawn (so little chance of weather mucking things up), and all that good stuff.  Well, a hydrogen leak ended the first two launch attempts.  This past weekend we made the long trek (about 8hr drive) to Cape Canaveral again to watch it launch.  (it didn’t.. after two more attempts). 

I had a lot of work to do so I spent Friday afternoon working away on Flash coding in the back of a big Yukon.  Since the shuttle didn’t launch Saturday and it didn’t scrub until the last minutes of the countdown on Sunday I also spent much of Sunday night and Monday morning pecking away on my laptop as we hurtled along I-95.  My laptop is decent for doing coding work.. but not when it’s shaking all over the place.

When I got back today and transferred what I was working on over to my “workstation” and opened it up in Flex I laughed.  The code was just sitting there so still and I could see so much of it.  I have a 24” monitor turned vertically and set to 1200x1920, and a 19” monitor on either side of it, so I see over 100 lines of code at once.  I was SO happy to be home, especially since this afternoon the fifth launch attempt was scrubbed too.  If it doesn’t launch this Wednesday it’ll break a record for the number of scrubbed launch attempts. 

it’s all about persistence