Steve just lost a customer Thursday, April 29, 2010
My Mac Pro is starting to get kind of dated and I've been lusting after some of the newer/faster systems out there. I'm ambO/Sdextrous and spend my day working back and forth between a pc and a mac and had started to get tired of the minor issues I have working between the two systems so I had considered a tricked out pc with Windows 7. I wasn't too happy with Apple when they decided to change their licensing agreement and shaft Flash developers... that wasn't very cool of them.. Then I saw that Keith Peters went back to the dark side... and now.. well.. let's just say Steve's little rant sealed the deal for me.

So I'm enjoying some of the comments on his "pot calling the kettle black" tirade like this one, and this from icrontic. ha. And it's good to see some of the comments like the ones on this article... lolz.. some people do understand that while HTML5 is a great improvement, it's a very different tool from Flash.

I figure it might be Christmas before I slow down enough to go through the hassle of switching files and everything over to a new system, but when I do get that time I'll probably be getting a nice high end gaming system. One that can play Crysis.

Adobe Open Screen Project Thursday, May 01, 2008
wow..... the announcement today from Adobe about opening the Flash Player up to the market to be placed on any imaginable device is just stunning. This is going to place even more demand on people with Flash skills as these companies begin to produce handheld devices using the Flash Player.

The only thing in the press release that set off my BS detector was this.. "“The Open Screen Project will make it simple for Verizon and our partners to deliver rich mobile experiences to more devices,”" .. yeah, and how big of a fee will they charge developers before they can develop for the Verizon network?

I also noticed that there was no mention of Apple in that press release.

Gaming the Adobe upgrade via eBay Thursday, August 09, 2007

So I was cruising through eBay this morning before work and spotted some Macromedia stuff on eBay.

WTF?  People are bidding on Studio 8

and even Studio MX.

Then a little digging and I see why..  Adobe has (on their US store) a $600 difference between a full version and an upgrade version of CS3 Web Standard.  So if someone buys a legitimate (and that’s the key) license of Studio MX, MX2004, or Studio 8 on eBay for $500 and then uses it to upgrade then they’ve saved $100.  Not too shabby if you can get a real legitimate license off of eBay.

Here’s somebody asking $349 for an Educational license of Studio MX ..  The last time I checked you couldn’t upgrade from educational to a full version and the educational version of CS3 Web Standard is $399..  hmm. 

Now.. I wonder what’s up with people buying Flash Media Server on eBay?  Lots of paypal cash laying around I guess.

AIR bus stopping in NC Monday, August 06, 2007

Somehow I missed this..  the AIR bus is making a stop in North Cackalacky.  I’m not quite sure how the little town of Durham managed to get to get the bus stop when Charlotte is bigger and has taller buildings (hehe.. ) but the folks in the RTP area can go see what’s up with AIR while the folks in Charlotte can.. um.. well..  go see Hedwig.

The date for the stop is August 18th and the Raleigh Durham Users Group is having a contest for the best AIR app (must be present to win) and winner gets “a copy of Flex 2”. 

I signed up for the Philly stop.. then changed to Atlanta when scheduling wouldn’t allow me to be in Philly (shoot).. and now the bus stops even closer to home.  Bah!  It’s time to get serious about making some AIR apps. 

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