Steve just lost a customer Thursday, April 29, 2010
My Mac Pro is starting to get kind of dated and I've been lusting after some of the newer/faster systems out there. I'm ambO/Sdextrous and spend my day working back and forth between a pc and a mac and had started to get tired of the minor issues I have working between the two systems so I had considered a tricked out pc with Windows 7. I wasn't too happy with Apple when they decided to change their licensing agreement and shaft Flash developers... that wasn't very cool of them.. Then I saw that Keith Peters went back to the dark side... and now.. well.. let's just say Steve's little rant sealed the deal for me.

So I'm enjoying some of the comments on his "pot calling the kettle black" tirade like this one, and this from icrontic. ha. And it's good to see some of the comments like the ones on this article... lolz.. some people do understand that while HTML5 is a great improvement, it's a very different tool from Flash.

I figure it might be Christmas before I slow down enough to go through the hassle of switching files and everything over to a new system, but when I do get that time I'll probably be getting a nice high end gaming system. One that can play Crysis.

Adobe Open Screen Project Thursday, May 01, 2008
wow..... the announcement today from Adobe about opening the Flash Player up to the market to be placed on any imaginable device is just stunning. This is going to place even more demand on people with Flash skills as these companies begin to produce handheld devices using the Flash Player.

The only thing in the press release that set off my BS detector was this.. "“The Open Screen Project will make it simple for Verizon and our partners to deliver rich mobile experiences to more devices,”" .. yeah, and how big of a fee will they charge developers before they can develop for the Verizon network?

I also noticed that there was no mention of Apple in that press release. using SVG viewer Saturday, February 18, 2006
So if you're into things like Hare Scrambles then you'd probably find a system that lets you track things via GPS data pretty handy. If each participant had a little GPS device that records their location during the race then you could assemble all that data later (live would be ideal, but this is a good start) and create an interactive map of the data.

Now a Flash developer and a ColdFusion developer could probably pull that off and the result would be accessible to over 95% of the people using the web, right? It's been done several times before (I'm too lazy to look for the link to that subaru race site.. if you've got it or other examples comment please..) in Flash.

So when my bro sent a link to and said to check it out.. I assumed it'd be another Flash based "replay a bunch of GPS data over a map" thing.. with the cool twist that they allow you (anybody) to create one of these maps and add the GPS data. It also gives you data about speed, elevation, heart rate, etc.. Saweet. But here's the kicker that I found.. they used SVG. Say again? What? Why? What does it offer for this application that the Flash Player doesn't? They don't say.. they just ask people to install the Adobe SVG Player.
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