Flash CS4 library symbol preview wonky Thursday, December 10, 2009

Here’s what it looks like when I click on symbols in the library in CS4..

Those could be symbols of cars, monkeys, baseballs..  it doesn’t matter.  I get horizontal lines. 

It’s been this way for a while and I’ve just been avoiding the inevitable reinstall and kind of enjoying the little bit of chaos that this brings into my workspace.  It’s time for it to end though.  I need to see what I’m about to drag out onto the stage instead of it being a surprise.  heh.  My library is a box of chocolates.. I never know what I’m going to get until I drag it to the stage.

bullets with color in Flash Friday, November 30, 2007
A small issue with Flash Player 9 shows up when you do this AS2 code:

styles = new TextField.StyleSheet();
styles.setStyle(".green", {fontSize: '24px', color: '#00CC00'} );
//styles.setStyle(".almostblack", {color: '#010000'} );

this.createTextField("theField_txt", 1, 10, 10, 300, 300);
theField_txt.multiline=true; theField_txt.html = true;
theField_txt.styleSheet = this.styles;

var theHTML='<ul><li>stuff</li><li>some green text: <span class="almostblack"> </span><span class="green">Green!</span></li><li>more stuff</li></ul>'

theField_txt.htmlText = theHTML

will show up like this:

If you uncomment the almostblack style then the green bullet will look black.

If you make the almostblack style color really black 000000 instead of almost black, then the bullet will be green.

I'm assuming this will get fixed at some point and when that happens the almostblack hack won't really do anything other than be extra code that needs to be removed.
If/when it gets fixed then any pretty colored bullets made by doing this
var theHTML='<ul><li>stuff</li><li> <span class="green"> </span>black text with a green bullet</li><li>more stuff</li></ul>'
will suddenly be black.

there's also this
var theHTML='<ul><li>stuff</li><li><span class="green"> </span>black text with a black bullet</li><li>more stuff</li></ul>'
which makes a jumbo sized black bullet.

IE 7 breaks font size changing in Flash IDE help panel via scroll wheel Monday, December 11, 2006
I updated to Internet Explorer 7 (I heard someone call it Internet Exploder the other day.. lol.. I hadn't heard that in a while.. ) to check some things out, and noticed that when I was in the Flash IDE I couldn't use ctrl + the scrollwheel to change font size for the Help panel. I wasn't sure that IE7 was to blame until today when I finally got tired of squinting at the help panel and un-installed IE7. Un-installing IE7 was actually easy, I just went into "Add remove programs" and clicked the "Remove" button. After un-installing IE7 I can now use the scroll wheel to change font size again. cool.

Now you might be wondering why I don't just listen to the technote and change the CSS to whatever font size I want? Well.. I have 3 monitors and run different resolutions. I like to be able to drag the Help panel to different monitors every so often, and that means I need to change the font size on the fly.
New Flash Player vulnerabilities Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Two vulnerabilities have been reported for the Flash Player ..it's been reported [here (the main source)] [here] and slighly different version [here]

So.. rapid7 notified Adobe on Sept 18th, Adobe has built the fix into the beta version of Flash Player 9, and now a 30-day "grace period" has passed and rapid7 is letting all the script kiddies know about this (before Adobe can roll out the final build of the Flash Player). Bah!

Here's the list of solutions according to rapid7
* Upgrade to the beta version (Flash Player 9.0.18d60 for Windows), which is fixed;
* Only allow trusted Websites to use Flash;
* Use alternative Flash Plugins (GplFlash, Gnash); or
* Uninstall Adobe Flash Player.

umm.. how about "Let's keep our mouth shut about this until the public beta is complete (which if it goes like other Flash Player betas will end very soon) and the new version of Flash Player 9 is released to the public"?? THEN tell everyone and their sister to upgrade to the latest Flash Player. Or.. if you're serious about helping people --> provide a freakin' link to install the Flash Player 9 beta. Sheesh..

My bet is (and I'm betting I'll get some comments to this effect) they're of the mindset that the Flash Player should be updated IMMEDIATELY after they report a flaw. Like it should be updated the next freakin day. I'll say it - hell no. If the Flash Player gets updated it's a major deal for me and many other Flash developers. It has a long beta period in which people like rapid7 are allowed to bang on it, and then we developers need to be able to count on it not changing for quite a while. Rapid7.. . you had your chance to find this long ago and you didn't. Now you want to claim some glory at our expense... that's very uncool.
And that bit about "Use alternative Flash Plugins (GplFlash, Gnash);".... oi..

So they've just told every script kiddie out there how to exploit this.. and those of us who make our living as Flash developers have to tell our bosses/clients/friends to go install a BETA version and then they'll have to install the final release when it comes out. Thanks! smile
Yeah, I'm spreading the word about this vulnerability too, but unlike rapid7 I'm providing a link to install the Flash Player 9 beta
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