Flash CS4 library symbol preview wonky Thursday, December 10, 2009

Here’s what it looks like when I click on symbols in the library in CS4..

Those could be symbols of cars, monkeys, baseballs..  it doesn’t matter.  I get horizontal lines. 

It’s been this way for a while and I’ve just been avoiding the inevitable reinstall and kind of enjoying the little bit of chaos that this brings into my workspace.  It’s time for it to end though.  I need to see what I’m about to drag out onto the stage instead of it being a surprise.  heh.  My library is a box of chocolates.. I never know what I’m going to get until I drag it to the stage.

bullets with color in Flash Friday, November 30, 2007
A small issue with Flash Player 9 shows up when you do this AS2 code:

styles = new TextField.StyleSheet();
styles.setStyle(".green", {fontSize: '24px', color: '#00CC00'} );
//styles.setStyle(".almostblack", {color: '#010000'} );

this.createTextField("theField_txt", 1, 10, 10, 300, 300);
theField_txt.multiline=true; theField_txt.html = true;
theField_txt.styleSheet = this.styles;

var theHTML='<ul><li>stuff</li><li>some green text: <span class="almostblack"> </span><span class="green">Green!</span></li><li>more stuff</li></ul>'

theField_txt.htmlText = theHTML

will show up like this:

If you uncomment the almostblack style then the green bullet will look black.

If you make the almostblack style color really black 000000 instead of almost black, then the bullet will be green.

I'm assuming this will get fixed at some point and when that happens the almostblack hack won't really do anything other than be extra code that needs to be removed.
If/when it gets fixed then any pretty colored bullets made by doing this
var theHTML='<ul><li>stuff</li><li> <span class="green"> </span>black text with a green bullet</li><li>more stuff</li></ul>'
will suddenly be black.

there's also this
var theHTML='<ul><li>stuff</li><li><span class="green"> </span>black text with a black bullet</li><li>more stuff</li></ul>'
which makes a jumbo sized black bullet.

bug?  Input Language issue.. “On-Screen Keyboard” Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Can someone explain this or confirm it as a bug?

If I set my English Windows XP system (with English keyboard) to the following
settings (via Start>Control Panel>Regional and Language
Input Language:  German
Keyboard Layout:  German

and then open the On-Screen Keyboard
(Start>Programs>Accessories>Accessibility>On-Screen Keyboard) it shows the
German keyboard map.  I can click on the little keys/buttons and type things in
German in Notepad.  Everything looks ok to me..

Then….  I go here:  http://oddhammer.com/tutorials/german.html
I can type things in the input box and the German characters show up fine.  All
of the characters including ? can be typed and show up correctly.

BUT String.fromCharCode(Key.getAscii()) does not accurately duplicate the last
character typed.  It acts as though the shift key was never pressed.  So I
can’t seem to use getCode() or getAscii() to programmatically detect the “?”
character if my input and keyboard are set to German even though it’s showing
up correctly in the input box when I type it.

And.. naturally when my Input Language and Keyboard Layout are set back to
English it all works just fine.. 

I can’t imagine that this is a bug in the Flash Player.. otherwise somebody would have found it long ago.  ?

textArea scroll jumping Tuesday, August 31, 2004
This bugged me today, and I couldn't find a solution for it.. so I'm just putting this out there..

You see what I want is for the text to be inserted into the textArea and have the scrollbar automatically scroll down to the bottom. By default it doesn't do that.. so I used the
vPosition = maxVPosition;
code and that scrolls the text all the way down, but the scrollbar doesn't quite go all the way down.. there's apparently a slight delay in the value of maxVPosition being changed (so if you press the setScrollPosition button you'll call the setScrollPosition again and see that the scrollbar correctly goes all the way to the bottom).

The hack I came up with was just to set an Interval for about 100ms and then set the position of the scrollbar again. Sigh.. I'm sure others have gone through this and found a better hack. Maybe there's a way to detect when the maxVPosition has finally been set? I think I remember coming across this issue with the scrollPane component as well.

function setScrollPosition() {
   with (myTextArea) {
      vPosition = maxVPosition;
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