HTML5 vs. Flash Tuesday, May 15, 2012
This entry on HTML5 and Flash needs to be read, and read again.

I remember playing with Flash 3 and animating some simple shapes around. At the time I thought it was interesting, but there really wasn't much you could do other than animating. If you wanted to code complex things then you went with JavaScript.

I also remember playing with animation through JavaScript in Dreamweaver 3 (or 4?) over 10 years ago and marveling at how it would enable me to create animation directly through JavaScript without having to use the Flash Player. But reality set in and I realized that if I wanted to reach over 90% of the users out there I should just use the Flash Player because animating with JavaScript (at that time) was a nightmare with the different browsers.

Reality is beginning to creep back into the HTML5 vs. Flash discussion and it's becoming clear that we have a few more years before the real HTML5 revolution sets in. The question is, will the users and developers wait, or will Adobe fail where Macromedia didn't?

Adobe Donates Flex to Apache Friday, November 18, 2011

In a move that appears to be another step away from its Flash platform, Adobe has submitted the code for its Flash-based Flex framework to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) to be managed as an independent project.  more here

Toggle between log and linear axis with Flex LineChart Wednesday, November 09, 2011
private var normal:Boolean = true;		
public function init():void{
logScale_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, toggleLog);
public function toggleLog(e:Event):void{
           var LA:LogAxis = new LogAxis();
           myChart.verticalAxis = LA;
           normal = false;
           var NA:LinearAxis = new LinearAxis();
           myChart.verticalAxis = NA;
SWFExplorer - what’s in your SWF? Thursday, February 03, 2011
If you work with shared libraries and/or tinker around with ApplicationDomain you should go pick up the newly released SWFExplorer 0.7. It will tell you what classes are contained in a loaded SWF.

Info on it from Thibault on here and download it from here.

Being able to get a list or array of the classes in a SWF is a big help, and there really should be something in ApplicationDomain for that. If you agree, then please go vote for getDefinitions() and let Adobe know that you would like it added.
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